Saturday, January 28 2017


 Over our last storm cycle a friend of mine from southern California was lucky enough to be in town visiting. On the first sunny day of his stay we decided to head up to Powder Mountain. We were blown away. He had never been, and I came to a harsh realization that I’ve been sleeping on one of the best place to snowboard in the world!

   We got up there a little late (9:30) but right on time to run into a couple of old friends and a few new ones too. The runs that followed will last in my mind for years to come.  Bluebird, deep fresh pow (thanks to Nico’s guiding), ramen for lunch, more deep untracked pow until the lifts closed (thanks to Corbett’s suggestion). The kind of day that keeps you coming back and instills faith that we picked the right obsession.

  Along with my backcountry gear I also had a camera and snapped a few photos along the way - Pat Fenelon

- Wild formations as seen form the hike up James Peak.

- Will Stellar, Oliver Dixon, Jaromie Nolan... Ripping.

- Jaromie flying, Oiver turning..

- Reid surfs a lot in California. Can you tell?

- Dash Kamp airing out forthy left.

- Dash Kamp exiting the barrel.

- Golden day, golden cat

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