Wednesday, May 31 2017


“If you don’t appreciate how much everything sucks, then you’ll never appreciate how fucking beautiful everything is.” 

The photographic moments of Steven Stone exist in the gone but not forgotten counterculture of decades past. They lurk in back alleys of questionable morals and an ever-evolving view of the world. Both epic and introspective, Stone’s images are enveloped in a storm of grit and grain, full of both beautiful people and places, giving anyone who gazes upon them a raw look into his life. If ego is the enemy of progress, Stone is progress. He remains humble yet unapologetically himself, shooting only the photos that speak to his personality, never chasing only a paycheck. 

Those of us in the know are fortunate enough to have seen these moments grace the pages of Arkade Magazine many times over. His lifestyle photos have perfectly complemented some of the best interviews we could muster over the past 6 years including the likes of Knut Eliassen, Benny Pellegrino, Bob Plumb, Dave Doman, Jon Kooley, and Cole Taylor. Coupled with the launch of a new portfolio site, Stone’s career has now taken him farther west, away from Salt Lake, but his contributions to Arkade will continue to help shape its direction and have made it the counter cultural time capsule it is today.

Cheers to the next sideways leg of Steven Stone’s long and exotic journey, where the shutter never seizes and the dust never settles.

- Jacob Malenick

Ben Pellegrino

Knut Eliasson

Bob Plumb

Jon Kooley

Dave Doman

Nico Nolan

Alex Mlynarek

- @stevenstone

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