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Locals celebrates the many people behind the scenes that keep snowboarding alive and well. From shop kids, park crews, and amatuer photogs locals is a glimpse into the lives and works of those who normally do not fall into the spotlight. After all theres no members of the community more important than the ones that do it purely for the love....

Jake Raddon is a snowboarder, skateboarder, photographer, and Brighton local. I'm not sure how his photos first caught my attention, but it was probably through social media or in some sort of "six degrees of separation" involving Brighton. I've watched his talent develop over the past few years and thought he would be a great person to debut the new 'locals" feature. All photos and captions are Jake's except for the header image taken by Sammy Fox.

 Arkade: How did you get into photography?

Jake: During high school I took photography classes, but not because I was interested in taking photos. It was mostly to get an art credit to graduate. Once I graduated, I randomly wanted to start taking pictures of my friends skating so I went to Best Buy and bought the very same camera I'm using today. 

Dylsworth smashes into a tree in Hood River, Oregon 2016

In my opinion this was the best day of the year for photos. I remember walking into Silver Lake and being overwhelmed with photo opportunity. 2016

Arkade: What/who has influenced your shooting, both inside and outside of the photography world?

When I first got my camera, I started following Logan Davidson and I instantly wanted to start taking photos like him. He is insane! If you don't follow him on Instagram, you better check him out. My good friend Blake Patterson also has amazing skateboarding content that influenced me to pursue skating/snowboarding photography. It helps when all of my friends have amazing artistic abilities. 

 Clay Kinahan bumps into the bottom at the Bonezone.

Willow Heights at the end of summer before the leaves turned. 2015

Arkade: It seems following your social media and whatnot you started shooting skateboarding and snow but have definitely expanded into more landscapes over the past couple of years. Discuss that transition and how skate/snow and landscapes offer different challenges and rewards.

Jake: Actually, I first started having success with landscape photography before skate/snow. It all started when I received a telephoto lens from my dad and used it for landscape, it blew me away how much it changed the way I looked at beautiful landscapes. I took this idea into skating photography when I went to the Blindside DIY project and I was amazed with how much depth it offered. Ever since, I have gone over board with the 300mm and I will continue to use it. If you look at all my skating content you can tell that's all I try to use. I've messed around with fisheyes, but I wanted to have a unique approach.

Jordan Morse at the Bonezone. 2016

Big Cottonwood in the heart of Fall. 2015

Arkade:Did you start out as a hobbiest or have you always have bigger aspirations for your photography?

Jake: It mostly started out as a hobby. I would go to the skatepark and practice taking photos of my friends because I suck at skateboarding, but I still wanted to be apart of the scene. After a couple of years of practice, Milo and Blindside used some of my skateboarding photos and that got me psyched to keep up the work hoping that it will lead to bigger things. 

Watching Blake Patterson skate tranny is a treat for the eyes. This is him doing his thing at Sojo. 2016

Howard Eyre at the Blindside DIY Project. 2015

Arkade: How does it feel to be getting some recognition for your work, especially in the form of starting to sell some of your shots?

Jake: It's crazy actually, I never thought I would make money off something I love so much. It first started on Facebook where some of my friends would just buy my files for $10 a photo. Around Christmas was when I first started selling framed photos. It's wild seeing your artwork in people's homes. I am very appreciative of those people who bought them. 

Mikey at sojo. 2016

Arkade: Anything else? Thanks? Advice?  Any websites, social media you'd like to promote?

Jake: I'd like to thank all of my friends that let me practice taking photos of them over the years, especially my SPK friends I'm down with you guys for life! If I had any advice it would be never to listen to anyone that says photography is dead and to chase your passion not your pension. Links on Instagram: @spk801 @jakeraddon @ianhasselfeld


Annual Oregon vacation to our home away from home. Oregon 2015.

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